Gargis Fun World

Gargis Fun World

Gargi’s Fun World is a Freedom Park for the every child. We believe every child is special and different. Current Research suggests that the new generation of children have highly advanced thinking skills.

We actively encourage the children to play, to motivate their skills by using toys and games, which are both educational and fun.

These young minds are like sponge, ready to absorb anything that is taught. Thus it is very important that they are taught the right things in the right manner. Keeping this in mind we give children colouring  papers, crayons, flash cards sensory –memory games ,crafts ,paper cutting  (according to age group) in order to develop their creativity. Also, many other activities like dance, exercise, recitation of poems in English ,Marathi, Hindi are taken. We believe and honour our rich  tradition and so everyday we recite prayers and shloks.

We also engage the students in activities like plantation, where they are shown,  how to sow the seed, watering plants, recognise plant etc in a playful method.

Along with lots of activities a balanced diet is important. Good quality and nutritional food for our little angles is most important as we all believe “health is wealth”. Thus our breakfast, lunch and afternoon breakfast menus are designed to have balance of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins... Every day we give children one type of seasonal fruit, sprouts, protein powder, and nuts.

Parents are encouraged to visit the centre and see the progress of their child.