Gargis Fun World

Why Us?

Why Gargi’s Fun World?

  • It"s not a day care and not a school , its fully brain devepment activity center based on "grabhasanskar".
  • Timing : 8am. to 8pm.
  • Double stories - huge place and playing ground .
  • Colorful studio for extra activity.
  • Conducting all traditional activities ( indoor and outdoor ).
  • Coluring , craft , exercise dance with full of dhamal.
  • Providing  morning nashta ,meal, breakfast, milk; Malish & bathing facility also.
  • Transportation facility.
  • Trained and caring staff.
  • Maximum 15 holidays for whole year.
  • Transparancy about the admin.
  • Anytime available to discuss on your child.
  • Child and parent counseling free.
  • Changed schedule informed by message or mail.
  • Two doctors are alert for first-aid service.
  • Conducting camps(indoor/ outdoor/residential).
  • Social activities for the parents: (Donating things to needy organisations)