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Parents Stories

Parent"s Stories

1) I Found this place to be very homely & specially each kid is taken care seperately and uniquely. It makes our job easy.

                                                          From : Arpita Satarkar

2) This is Shlok"s second home , where he gets all things. Thanks a lot. Word is so small for all those things everybody knows.

                                                          From : Shlok Mamma

  3) Thanks for all kind care & support to all working parents . Wish you all the best .

                                                          From : Aniruddha Mamma

4) Congrats for completing 5 yrs . We feel our child is in safe land & Gargi is a second Home.

                                                         From : Soham Mamma

5) My Son is a Special Kid but still everyone taking a good care of Aaryaman .

                                                          From : Aaryaman Mamma

6) Overall very good Development . Really good & Best Luck.

                                                           From : Aarya & Aabha Mamma

7) This day care is my daughter 1st home where she spends maximum hours of the day and lots of friends due to which i

    dont find lack of real brother / sister. 

                                                           From : Aarya Mamma

8) This is one place where my child is safe , healthy and above all are HAPPY. A second home of child.

                                                           From : Nirav Mamma

9) What to say about Gargi"s because of these all the Mamma"s have got oppourtunity to develop their careers.

                                                           From : Ansh Nahar

10) Good job. It"s a safe home for all kids.

                                                           From : Jitisha Mom

11) My daughter was very naughty , she got many injuries & center has taken peoper care.

                                                          From :Shreya