Gargis Fun World

Meal Plans

These days “A balanced diet” is a word easy to understand but very difficult to maintain in daily diet and age where junk food and sugary drinks are so easily available even to younger kids.

Especially working mothers are in a worry of the snacks and meals their kids eat in their absence.

We carefully plan everyday menus to ensure that omega 3,vitamins C, carbohydrates, proteins and other  essential nutrients are included in the right proportion.

We provide wholesome pure vegetarian Indian food with best combination of south ( idli, medu vada... ) and north (chole, parathas...) indian food.

Children of all ages eat together.

Our teachers encourage to adopt good habits like washing hands before and after meal, not to waste food, good table etiquettes, dining skills.

Meal Plan

09.30 am - Morning Breakfast.

11.30 am to 2.30pm - Meal ( Roti,sabji, chaval,dal+cow ghee.)

3.30 pm - Milk with termaric, shatawary, sunth.

4.30 pm - Breakfast-on demand ( no junkfood).

05 pm - Seasonal fruits.